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Career Reboot helps to revitalise you career by identifying your drivers and aptitudes. Restart your career and transform yourself.


Career Reboot helps your employees with retrenchments and how these can be stregthened to reboot into a new career.

In our workshops and programs you will learn how to

Our programs look at the pillars of careers:
Reboot Your Career - Foundation and Pillars

Skills & Qualifications

Skills and qualifications are learned skills. These are essential for a career. For example, if you don’t have a medical qualification, you won’t be able to be a doctor. However, if you are determined and have aptitude, you can acquire the skills and qualifications that you need to move into a new career.


Character is who you are as a person. One quote says “Character is who you are when no-one is looking”. Character is the result of the values that you hold as a person. Values are the things that you believe are important in your life.


Relationships are to do with how you interact with other people. Are the relationships in your life supportive of career change? Is your family supportive of your efforts to improve yourself? Do your friends support you or hold you back?

Attitude & Presentation

Attitude and presentation is what a potential employer sees when you apply for a job. Do you come across as someone who is keen to fit in and deliver results, or do you seem to be arrogant and disinterested or entitled? When you turn up, are you well groomed and well spoken? If not, your coach can work on your attitude and presentation.

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Career Reboot is a coaching and development company supporting individuals and organisations to maximise their potential.Career. Reboot. Support. Career Change, Potential, Efficiency, Productivity, further metatags and words to follow due to SEO rules. Skills and Qualifications can be learned at any point in time. One needs to accept that at the beginning of learning new skills one has to admit they cannot do certain things. This is a mindset barrier, and leads into the Character pillar.A solid character with the right mindset can reboot careers easier. Certainly it needs the support from others, which leads into relationships.If the surroundings are not conducive to change, one might be with the wrong people. Relationships are important to get one going; your network of contacts will help you finding that new job in your new career. Your personal relationship will need to support you – otherwise you won’t take the (calculated) risk to reboot. This leads into Attitude.The way people deal with situations, the way people present themselves are important. Commitment is key to success. Confidence – not arrogance – is key to present value. It is the way one makes other feel, not what they did, that will be remembered. With a negative attitude and a sloppy presentation the outlook may become grim.