Month: July 2016

Brant Garvey’s Road to Rio

Brant Garvey - Road to Rio
Road to Rio

We have been very fortunate to be meet the fabulous Brant Garvey, who has worked hard to become Australia’s first paralympic thriathlet to participate at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro in September 2016.
Born with a disability does not mean you can’t achieve your dreams.

Brant’s speech was very inspiring. He showed everyone that a missing leg doesn’t mean one’s life is doomed to not doing any sports.
Brant played professional wheelchair-basketball, took up running, bicycle races and swimming. He challenged himself to do what others thought he would not be able to do because of his impairment.

Our take aways from the speech:

  • You can do anything you want, if you just start trying and put your mind towards to be successful.
  • Your body can do much more than you ever dreamt of.
  • Challenge yourself – the rewards will be sweet
  • Only hard work on yourself, persistence and support from your surroundings will get you there. However, don’t rely on support only. You need to do the hard work, not others for you.

Garvey 2 Go Gold

We are looking forward to cheering for Brant on September 10, 2016, when he takes on the challenge of the Paralympic Triathlon at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio. We wish him a Gold Medal. He has already won our heart and our applause for his life and achievements so far.

You can help.

Please lend a hand or foot to Brant to make him succeed on his Road to Rio. We understand that he is funding his paralympic dream mostly on his own. One leg alone costs about AUD 20,000. He needs at least 3 legs for the Triathlon: 1 for running, 1 for the bicycle, 1 to get out of the water after swimming to reach his bike and also to reach his running leg after the bicycle stint. Therefore he has started a crowdfunding initiative and is receiving some sponsorship from Western Australia’s Health Insurance hbf. Let us get behind such a fabulous and inspiring man. Visit his website and lend him a hand or foot perhaps with some more support.

Thanks to Cathara Consulting for organising this inspiring event.