Career – A Poem by Janneke Tenvoorde

We have found a poem about a career from a student who had to write a poem for an English project. He wrote a few more “just for fun”. Read on and enjoy.


Your life’s path,
Depends on your decisions.
Might lead you wherever.
Change your life forever.
There’s a way,
Meant for you,
Not lead astray.
The right decisions,
Will get you a long way.
Overcome your fear,
Travel along,
Shape your career.

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Our thoughts

Your career and your life depends on whether you are making decisions. Decisions that lead you to one or another way. Your life is full of decisions. And therefore the path you choose is what you become.

A decision made without sufficient information, background knowledge, may lead you into the wrong path. Once you realise you are on the wrong path, you need to make another decision, that leads you to the right way. That’s what is called the ‘right’ decision. It wil lead you a long way, a successful way in the end.

Any decision made is accompanied by fears. Will I make the right decision? What if? What if not? Your mind will not stop creating many thoughts that could jeopardise your objective, fact based decision making. Fear in many cases is hindering us from moving forward. Intuition often will lead us to a more successful way.

Overcome your fear, Travel along: On your path to success you will make mistakes. This is the path you will be going. If you don’t make any mistakes, you will not have learned anything. Along the way you will explore, you will find exciting new things – yet fear might get you somewhere else, somewhere back as this is your comfort zone. Overcome your fear, and explore, embrace the path, enjoy the travel. Just don’t stop moving, don’t stop learning, don’t stop exploring, don’t stop looking around along the way. This leads you to shaping your career.

Shaping your career means that whatever you have done yesterday may not be what you will be doing tomorrow. Evolution moves ahead, so do careers, jobs, positions. New technologies, new inventions will change the way you do your job today – hopefully for a better tomorrow. At one stage you may want to change careers. A decision made by yourself, for yourself, for your own good. A decision to lead to the right path, the right decision made to see you happy in your career and your life. Shape it the way you feel right. Shape it along the way – and have your goal in mind.

The goal that is meant for you. There is a way that is meant for you. Only you know which way this is.

Shape your career, shape your life, shape your happiness.

Reboot your career, reboot your life, reboot your happines.