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Our Mission

Our mission is to maximise your potential.

We are offering training and coaching sessions for individuals and businesses to assist in bringing their careers to the next level.

To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee knew that by engaging a coach, he was able to study himself, to improve his skills, to maximise his potential.

We think:

  • Everyone has the potential to become great.
  • Everyone has the potential to have a great career.
  • Some people know they have potential, but they don’t use it.
  • Some people don’t know about their potential, but would like to use it.
  • Successful people know about their potential, and they use it to the fullest.
  • Successful people know about hidden potential, and they explore it.

Exploring means thinking about your skills, your dreams, your desires. Action means to execute a plan you have developed to reach your dream career.

  • Career Reboot is focused on your success.
  • Career Reboot is working with you to find your true calling.
  • Career Reboot is working with you to develop an action plan.
  • Career Reboot is coaching you all along the way.
Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Prove to yourself that you are not just a thinker. Prove to yourself, you are a person of action!

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Welcome to Career Reboot

Don’t read further if you already think by reading this Welcome message, here is yet another annoying disappointing self-help promoter. We at Career Reboot don’t wake up at 4:30AM in the morning, go for a healthy jog and exercise followed by nutrition-controlled breakfast, then attend a yoga session to boost our mindset, chant for minutes and get gonged to clear our negative thoughts. We also don’t look into Crystal Balls to predict the future and any career reboot successes, research all the time about the winning lotto numbers and lucky numbers based on astrological and astronomical star constellations and numerology. We don’t plan our next move based on ancient myths. Before even thinking about all this, we’d better be watching movies all day, browse social media to seek the truth, and enjoy life to the fullest boredom. And guess what? That’s really not us at all!

We are seasoned practitioners who have many years of experience in the workforce, have changed our careers, lived our lives going through significant changes such as job losses, business failures, divorces, tragic and dramas – and all came out stronger than before. We have learned from our failures, moved on and now would like to share our experiences in form of teaching, coaching and mentoring, so you can achieve your personal and business goals. We have gone through a number of life and career reboots, and could conclude that every reboot is same but different, yet follows the same basic principles. Once you know what these principles are, once you know how to manage adverse effects, once you are prepared to follow these principles – in short – once you are committed to what you want to achieve, the success and happiness is all yours.

We at Career Reboot are confident that we can show you how to manage weaknesses and to thrive through strengths. Would you rather follow people who can say: ‘Been there, done that, and came out good’ or those ones who do not show any weakness whatsoever, who present themselves as the all-encompassing wealthy, healthy, made-big-bucks-quick newly-riches driving around in prestige cars and operating from exclusive and exotic holiday destinations? It is your choice to decide which ones sound more fake.

In the current economic climate, in particular in Australia, we see a shift in the investment organisations make in their most important assets: their people. Less is spent on career advancements and trainings, yet efficiencies are sought in light of cost reductions. In other words, some people will need to be let go for some or many organisations to stay competitive and maybe to just survive. What will happen to the majority of those ones made redundant? They probably need to think about a new direction, and do a reboot of their career and life.

Every action needs to be prompted by a motive.Leonardo Da Vinci

Take action before a wave hits you hard. Contact us now to ride the wave rebooting you and your business surfing to success.