Understanding yourself with psychometric tests

What are psychometric tests, and how can they be used to help you reboot your career? Read on to find out more.

Psychometric tests are tests that are designed to gain some insight into your aptitudes and personal qualities to help identify areas of strength and the fit for a new career. Alternatively, they can identify some areas that you can work on with your coach and address through development.

Psychometric tests are designed by psychologists and usually have a number of multi-choice or one to five type questions. For example, a question may ask whether you are more of a thinking person, or more of a feeling person, or may have a statement like “I like an orderly workplace” and you can select how true that is on a scale of one to five, with five being that you agree strongly with the statement.

Generally psychometric tests are provided through a special website. There are no right or wrong answers. When you do the test, generally it is best to go with your first response, as it is likely to be the correct one.

These tests are designed to eliminate bias and there are no trick questions. It is important to answer honestly and express who you are, rather than who you would like to be, so that you can get back an accurate result.

Once you have finished your test, you won’t generally get the results immediately, as the tests generally require some analysis and discussion. At that point, your Career Reboot consultant can work with you to develop a plan, based on the test results, to target your interests and strengths and build up any other areas to get you out of that rut and to revitalise your career and life.