Starting over? Reboot your career at mid life

Are you in your mid-life and facing redundancy? It feels ‘extra’ humiliating. Let’s show these people that you’ve still got it and that you won’t get down. Take 8 simple steps to recover. Rebooting your career at mid life will be rewarding.

8 Simple Steps to Reboot Your Career at Mid Life

First of all, STOP thinking that this is the end. Be grateful that this old career is over. Be thankful that you don’t have to go to a job that you really did not like anymore. Be happy that you have now the opportunity to invest in yourself, rather than asking your boss for any funds for People Development.

START knowing that You Can Do It Again. In every crisis there are areas where there is growth. Take advantage of that growth – but first invest in yourself, change your mindset, change your skills, change the inner you. Reboot Yourself to Reboot your Career.

The following eight steps will help you to reboot your career at mid life.

1. Relax.

First of all, don’t panic. Facing redundancy are circumstances that you most likely resisted like crazy. You were focused on doing your job; a job that was slowly taking away your efforts on creating a ‘life for yourself’. You may feel confused as you change. This is normal! You will change for the better.

2. Have faith in yourself.

You know that you are more than you show to the world. Have faith in yourself, that you will come out better from this, if you put your mind to it. The world around you has changed, and you grew to adapt to a world that now no longer exists, as the old career is gone. Just remember, you did adapt to the old career. You still can adapt to a new career.

3. Confirm your own value.

When feeling humiliated, you probably think about what you can do about your lost career. Stop being depressed about the past. You have gained experience in your lost career that can help you building up your new career. You are someone who is successful, who is knowledgable, who has experience. You’ve got a wealth of knowledge in you! Stay positive! Read positive blogs, talk to positive people, your inner happiness will boost your confidence.

4. Find out who you truly are.

Analyse the reasons why you are in this situation. Could it be that you only acted on what you were told to do and be? Are you really sure who you are and what you want? Now is the perfect time to find out. Do a personality assessment with your Career Coach. Find out about your true calling.

5. Learn skill sets following the true you and your passions.

You have passions that you want to fulfill. Gain skills that support your passions, following the true you. Don’t fall back to the old job experiences. Learn new skills and stay motivated. The universe will follow your determination fuelled by your passion. Many success stories started following their passions with sheer determination: J.K. Rowlings, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Phil Collins were all nobodies until they made themselves known on their own terms.

6. Network with people of the same interests.

The Law of Attraction works mysterious ways. If you gather around people who are excited about the same things you are, then you will speed your change to what you want in your life. Learn and teach about your passion, your field of expertise. People will acknowledge your competencies, you will become a highly respected expert, and it will uplift you.

7. Help others first to help yourself.

There are many others, who are experiencing the same emotional devastation as you. Take the opportunity to “pay it forward” and think of others first. When you help others, you will learn more as you go along. Your success will increase over time. The common understanding is that the best way to learn something new is to teach it. You will establish yourself as a leader amongst those people you are helping through their own emotional confusion.

8. Build your new career with your new friends.

While you are hanging out with your new friends and helping them, you are learning valuable new skills. This is your new reality, you have created by building a new community. This powerful network of new friends will pay it back when the opportunity arises. So, continue to share your knowledge, your new learnings with your new friends, and your new career will find you.


Imagine your smiles when you fit in with a new career, a bright future, and new friends who appreciate you for who you are. This simply means: Your Career Reboot is successfully accomplished.

We have listed these 8 generic steps on how to reboot your career at mid life. Each and every person has different situations. A Career Reboot is best tailored to your circumstances. Talk to our Career Reboot Consultants to find out more about how to reboot your career.

Thanks to Dave Nordella at for the inspriation.