Ten Tips to Reboot Your Career

The New Year is approaching fast. Christmas is just over 5 weeks away. New Year is a milestone where people want to start over and change habits. Not only New Year is a time when someone approaches a milestone in life, that cries out for a change, making you crave for a fresh set of wheels or heels, for a career reboot. I don’t know about you, I have come to the realisation that any change of habits at first seems to be hard. Change can be and will be inspiring, and totally necessary to kick-start your career and most likely your life in a new direction. We have come across many cases, where a life changing event needed to happen, before some people went onto a new path. In the context of careers this life event is being made redundant. For many this is one of the most daunting events, no-one really wants to experience. This is the time to reboot!
If you’re starting over – and maybe you are thinking of a change, check out these 10 tips to successfully reboot your career.

  1. Take a holistic view / helicopter view of your past 12 months. What did you accomplish, what projects did you deliver, what challenges did you face? Then figure out what is working for you that you could carry into the next year.
  2. Start afresh. Nothing is more demoralising than beating up yourself for past failures. Get over it and move on. Learn from the failures. Accept reality. History cannot be rewritten. Learn from yesterday, act in the present to prepare for your future.
  3. Dream about the big picture. Brainstorm what could be, get creative, go crazy. What new careers could you take up? What are the emerging trends?
  4. Do something everyday that your future self will thank you for. A Chinese proverb says Lao Tzu said: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Take small steps that lead to your new career.
  5. Give yourself a pat on the back. Give yourself credit for taking the step to reboot your career. You have overcome the fear and insecurities a changes brings with it.
  6. Plan and think ahead. A Career Reboot requires energy. You will face ups and downs in your emotions. To overcome those dull moments, find something that pushes you through with positivity; e.g. meeting with friends, meditation sessions on Positive Thinking, and much more. Be pro-active.
  7. Network and help other people. Help others as this will help you. When you meet people ask yourself, what you can offer this person, and not what the person could offer you. Networking is a two-way street. You are on the side where it is all about helping others. Be sure the favour will be returned.
  8. Be flexible, let go of past expectations that can’t be met. Establish goals and develop action plans. Don’t just expect that goals will be reached – you might be disappointed in the end. Shifts will happen, and so will goals change. Reset your expectations with your goals many times. Enjoy the journey, embrace the change.
  9. Learn Life Long. Figure it out. Your career will be a life long learning exercise. A career reboot is part of the learning. You organically develop new skills. Apply the mindset: “If I don’t know right now, I will find out.” Embrace the unknown as this is your opportunity to grow. It ain’t easy all the time; it is the secret ingredient to a well designed meal.
  10. Be creative. You don’t have to tick off each and every item on the list to the latter. You don’t need to apply each and every piece of advice someone gives you, as it might not be applicable to your specific situation. Brainstorm ideas on how you move ahead and pick those ideas that resonate best with you. Use those ideas as a starting point to build your action plan.

Just remember your Career Reboot Coach can help you pointing you into some directions. Our coaches are here to help you to be successful. We support you all the way on your path to a rebooted career.